The End isn’t the only big thing in the XBLA Minecraft update, 4J Studios hints.

If you’re an Xbox 360 user hoping to be laid waste by Minecraft‘s Ender Dragon this month, you may have a while to wait. The developer responsible for putting Minecraft on XBLA, 4J Studios, has said that the 9th game update won’t be out in February as scheduled. No word on when it will be out; just that it won’t be this month.

So what is this Ender Dragon, I hear you ask? Well, it’s big, it’s black, it has 200 health, and it can knock your little hand-knitted socks off with its Attack Strength 10. The Ender Dragon is Minecraft‘s first official boss mob, and appears during The End, a special zone which can only be entered via the End Portal. Once in, players won’t be able to get out until the Ender Dragon is no more. The End and its Dragon are the two big ticket items update 9 is meant to add to the XBLA Minecraft experience. However that’s not all that’s on the table, as 4J has hinted that “the plan has changed a little.” Only 4J knows what the revised plan might be.

Minecraft is one of the XBLA’s most popular titles, breaking every single XBLA sales record in the first 24 hours of its 2012 release. It was the top XBLA seller in 2012, earning more than $97 million. That’s a lot of people anxiously awaiting The End; hopefully 4J Studios will hurry up with that update.

Source: Twitter

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