The Denver police were on high alert thanks to a tiny robot that appeared in the city out of nowhere.

When the upcoming robot invasion is spoken of in popular media, it usually involves huge machines equipped with missiles and lasers that we must fight off with mechs of our own. An incident in Denver last week may have clued in the world’s population to look out for something less noticeable. Denver police were forced to cordon off an area of the city after a robot was found hanging around the base of a pillar acting mysteriously.

Police were alerted by a concerned citizen that noticed the robot was actually cemented into the pillar and not just sitting upon it. The 8-inch-tall robot, supposedly a toy, didn’t indicate any sinister motives, but the situation was taken seriously regardless.

A 5-block stretch of the street where the robot was found was closed until police could resolve the situation, and pedestrians were kept 100 yards away. The bomb squad was sent in to negotiate with the robot, but they didn’t want to take any chances. It couldn’t be determined if the robot was hostile or not, so police killed the robot with a detonation to ensure that it wouldn’t be a danger to humanity.

Denver Police Spokesman Matt Murray said that the robot was “strange enough” to warrant the use of the bomb squad, especially because it was cemented into the pillar. In the end, the robot was harmless and just an innocent bystander that became a victim of the ongoing prejudice between humans and robots.

Police are not currently sure how or why the robot got there. Did anybody try just asking it nicely? We can only hope this robot’s big brother doesn’t come knocking on the planet anytime soon.

Update: The invader appears to be RAD 2.0, a robot that will even do your laundry. I think we can all be glad this menace has been destroyed. Thanks for pointing that out Sir Kemper!

Source: Denver Post, via Blastr

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