Mirror’s Edge Time Trial DLC Dated


Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 users can look forward to even more breathless running action on January 29th.

If you’re one of the apparently very few gamers who possessed the required skills to pay the bills in DICE’s woefully misunderstood parkour platformer, Mirror’s Edge, congratulations. Not only did you somehow manage to defeat our crippled economy by playing video games, but you now have another set of challenges to look forward to as the “Pure Time Trial” downloadable content has been scheduled for January 29 with a price of $10 or 800 Microsoft Points, depending on your system of choice.

The “Pure Time Trial” update consists of nine races across seven brand-new levels that ditch the city in favor of a much more abstract design, appearing like the love child of the zone mode found in Wipeout HD and the bonus stages from Nintendo’s Super Mario Sunshine. Once completed, time trials become the main motivation to continue playing Mirror’s Edge as DICE managed to hide more than their fair share of hidden routes into the single player campaign, with intrepid gamers continuing to push the limits of the game, discovering new uses for existing maneuvers and exploiting them for improved times.

Judging from the trailer for the new content, the update appears to open a world of new possibilities for clever runners and should breathe even more life into an already obsessed community.

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