One of video game’s most infamous glitches has been faithfully recreated for the virtual console re-release of Pokemon Red and Blue.

MissingNo. Giver of rare candies. Destroyer of saves. This glitch Pokemon from the original Red and Blue games is one of the most infamous in history. By following a very specific set of commands, one could encounter this Pokemon, who would duplicate an item in your inventory. For those who flew too close to the sun and actually attempted to catch the glitched monster, it would mess up the game pretty bad, and in a worst-case scenario, obliterate your save. Purists of the series will be happy to know that the glitch has been recreated in full for Red and Blue‘s virtual console re-release.

YouTuber Epi Demie, who snagged an early copy of the game, was able to replicate the glitch by following the exact same steps from the original game.

Meanwhile, another YouTuber, NZCapeKiwi, has confirmed that the “Mew” glitch, that allowed players to catch the infamously “unobtainable” 151st Pokemon, is still present, at least in the Yellow version of the game.

It’s great that these glitches have been preserved. They are, after all, an important part of gaming history.

The Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow re-releases launch tomorrow, on February 27, in the Nintendo eShop for $9.99 each.

Source: YouTube

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