The Democratic Party of Missouri has produced a new online videogame in which players must save public documents and emails before Republican Governor Matt Blunt can delete them.

Matt Blunt: Document Destroyer features Whack-A-Mole style gameplay, requiring gamers to move a spotlight onto Blunt’s portrait as he randomly pops up behind desktop computers and attempts to delete files. “Governor Matt Blunt has been up to no good, destroying public records in clear violation of Missouri’s ‘Sunshine Law’,” the game’s loading screen reads. “Matt Blunt broke the law – now he’s lying about it and doing everything he can to cover it up. Can you shine the light on Matt Blunt before he deletes all of the incriminating emails on his office computers? Stop Matt Blunt from destroying more public records!” The game continues until Blunt has deleted ten emails.

Unsurprisingly, the state’s Republican party is not amused by the effort. “While Democrats prefer to spend their time and donor resources on frivolous pursuits in a make-believe world, Governor Blunt and Republicans are focused on real-world concerns like improving the quality of life for all Missourians, which is certainly no game,” said party spokesman Paul Sloca. “Missourians want grownups running the state, not children, which is why Republicans continue to be so successful at Democrats continue to play political games instead of offering solutions.”

Gamers, Democrats and other children can try their hand at Matt Blunt: Document Destroyer here.

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