A Major League Gaming match that was almost certainly going to result in a win for team Triggers Down had to be replayed because the host Xbox 360 froze.

Major League Gaming held its Halo 3 National Championship in Orlando, Florida this weekend. Seeded first, many believed that the team Triggers Down would win the championship for the third year in a row, but they never got the chance. They would have at least advanced past the semi-finals had an Xbox 360 not malfunctioned in the closing seconds of a match in which Triggers Down was about to defeat Classic. Classic lost to Believe The Hype in the finals.

Playing Halo CTF, Triggers Down had all 4 team members of Classic dead, and only had to turn in the flag in order to win the match and proceed ot the next bracket. But just as the player Heinz was about to turn it in, the hosting Xbox froze up. According to MLG rules, when there is a hardware failure of any kind, the entire round is eligible for a replay. In the do-over, Classic beat Triggers Down by a score of 5-2 and advanced.

All sports arenas have their little idiosyncrasies and house rules that can sometimes alter major sporting events. Hitting the catwalks above the field at nearby Tropicana Field, for example.

But to have your match taken away because your rig froze? Within inches of victory? That sucks. Hard.

Source: Kotaku

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