Modern Warfare 2 Only Getting Two DLC Packs For Now


Activision and Infinity Ward have already laid out their plans for Modern Warfare 2‘s DLC, and they’re keeping things short and sweet: There will only be two DLC map packs for the game, or at least that’s how it looks for now..

While Treyarch is celebrating the release of the third map pack for Call of Duty: World at War, it seems that the next game in the franchise, Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 2, won’t ever reach the same milestone. According to Activision, Infinity Ward is only planning two downloadable map packs for their upcoming surefire hit.

“We plan to launch two separate map packs for this title,” Activision’s Mike Griffin said. “Map packs help extend the shelf life of the franchise, as evidence by the strong catalog sales and premium pricing that we maintained a year and a half after launch.”

Two will at least be one more than Infinity Ward produced for the first Modern Warfare, though obviously less than what Treyarch has made for World at War. People keep asking for Nazi Zombies maps, so they keep making them.

The DLC packs, whenever they arrive, will be timed exclusives on the Xbox 360 and will be available prior to the PS3 and PC versions, as Microsoft revealed in its E3 press conference earlier this year.

As someone who rarely buys map packs for shooters and the like, I’ll say this is barely disappointing for me. If the default maps are good, I’m pretty sure I’ll hold off on the DLC anyway. Now, if we’re talking about DLC alternate costumes, that’s a different story. A Captain Price skin for Soap MacTavish? Yes please.

UPDATE: Well, that’s what Activision says. What does Infinity Ward say?

“The fact that we confirmed at least two map packs doesn’t mean there won’t be more; honestly we plan on shaping our DLC based on community feedback from the full game, and first two DLC map packs,” community manager Robert Bowling said. “Therefore, the community will really determine what comes after that.”

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