Try not to throw this Modern Warfare 3 controller when children assault your mother, skill, and sexual preferences.

Last month we were shown limited edition MW3 gaming eyewear by Gunnar Optiks. This month we’ve got a Call of Duty-branded PlayStation 3 controller and a headset for the Wii on the way, both from Performance Designed Products.

“The Call of Duty community is among the most passionate in the world and deserves the highest-quality gaming accessories,” said Bill Otte, vice president of sales and marketing for PDP.

Passionate? That’s not exactly the word I’d choose, but it’s not inaccurate.

The controller is detailed to look like gun-metal and carbon-fiber, and features a finish meant to improve a player’s grip. A “night vision” button illuminates the pad, and the sticks take a concave, “gamer-preferred” shape.

For all you hardcore, multiplayer-using Wii owners, the wired headset comes with a noise-cancelling microphone and a rubberized grip for a snug fit. You know, so it doesn’t fly off while you’re flailing about.

Source: G4

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