Shooter fans rejoice, MW3 is out today and it looks shiny.

With today’s economy and the glut of great videogame titles coming out this month, MW3 probably won’t sell as well as its predecessors. (If it does break records, I guess I’ll have to eat my M-16.) That doesn’t mean the latest military shooter from Activision isn’t like gun manna from the gods for a certain cross-section of gamers. To tide you over until you read our review, or until you get home from work with the game in hand, take a gander at these sweet-looking shots of in-game play that Activision released for just such a purpose. Gun fiends, start salivating.

The behemoth publisher pulled out all of the stops for MW3‘s release by holding midnight sales events last night at over 13,000 retailers all over the world. “This watershed launch extends the legacy of the franchise like no other previous release,” said Eric Hirshberg from Activision. “Combining the narrative punch and gameplay innovations of the next chapter in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series with the unique services of Call of Duty Elite will bring Call of Duty gamers together in a cohesive, fan-focused environment like no other.”

I’m interested as to how the service of Elite will impact the multiplayer game. Everything I’ve heard about it hasn’t really excited me – it sounds like similar programs such as Rockstar’s Social Club – but Elite could work really well in uniting the COD crowd into a single army. Forget the KISS Army, now you can join COD for life!

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