Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux has been promoted to Creative Director of Microsoft Game Studios in Europe.

They say that enthusiasm is infectious, and no one exemplifies this more than Peter Molyneux, whose unrelenting excitement for his work has earned him a special place in the hearts of gamers everywhere.

Even massive multi-national corporations seemingly can’t help but be drawn in by him, as Microsoft have just promoted him to Creative Director for Europe.

In an interview with GameDaily, Mr. Molyneux talkeda about how he saw his new role:

“What you’re not going to see is ten Peter Molyneux games. The value of this role is for someone like myself going in and making those little tiny lights of an idea shine as brightly as possible … All I’m going to be doing is making sure those lights are as bright as possible. People at Rare and other European studios are super, super bright and creative people and I’ll learn as much about design from them as they would from me.”

Mr. Molyneux stressed the importance of innovation in design and said that he believed that ‘passion’ was central to a successful game, a trait that he has in spades. He also remains on as the boss of Lionhead

Source: GameDaily

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