Finally, a look at Peter Molydeux’s no-doubt brilliant Cascore.

Fable creator Peter Molyneux is a very ambitious game developer. Why shouldn’t he be? The man created Populous and Dungeon Keeper. If he wants to dream up games that are so high-concept that they could never feasibly be developed, more power to him.

That said, this also makes the man a prime target for satire. Enter: Peter Molydeux.

Molydeux isn’t an actual person, you see. He’s a Twitter persona designed to exaggerate Peter Molyneux’s eccentricities and broadcast them to an audience largely consisting of bored games journalists for whom Twitter is the alpha and omega of professional interaction. In that regard, Molydeux has been a great success. People find him amusing. Thus, it was high time for the digital construct to step up his game and actually offer a proof-of-concept for his crazy ideas.

See that clip embedded above? That’s Cascore, the most dramatic, emotionally affecting bowling game ever made.

From the game’s Molydeux-penned YouTube description:

Imagine a world where casual and hardcore gamers can enjoy games together? So instead of hardcore gamers pretending to like wii sports just so they can spend xmas with their family they actually prefer it as opposed to just going off and playing the best hardcore games such as Skyrim or Fable3.

Granted, it’s a bit “inside baseball,” but c’mon! That bit about placing a child’s dreams inside a bowling ball? That’s Swiftian wit, even if you don’t spend your days typing about gaming industry minutiae.

Source: @petermolydeux

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