Fable creator Peter Molyneux’s ambitious new “God simulator” Godus has entered its early access beta.

One thing that Peter Molyneux sure can do well is talk up his games, and his latest “God simulator” Godus is no exception. He essentially created a separate game in order to reveal it, giving a random person “God-like powers” within the game in the process. Well, now you can finally get your hands on the game’s Early Access Beta. You can pre-purchase Godus on the Steam store for $20, and contributors to the Godus Kickstarter should be receiving their own beta keys soon.

“Our reason for using early access is so that we can get as many of you to play the game and for us to learn from what you enjoy and hate. In that way over the coming months develop Godus into a GREAT game, that is our passion!”

The game will also be out on the Android and iOS platforms at a later date, though Molyneux states that those versions will be free-to-play. Buying in to the Early Access beta of Godus will of course grant you with a free copy of the game when it is released.

In Godus, the player is empowered in the role of a God, allowing them to sculpt every inch of a beautiful world that they look down upon, on which a population of Followers settle and multiply. The Curiosity winner, Bryan Henderson, will take the role of “God of Gods”, will be able to influence the rules of the game to whatever he sees fit.

Source: Steam

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