Mom Defends Superhero Child In Raising Dion


In Raising Dion, mothers don’t just act like superheroes – they raise them as well.

Do you think it was hard for Superman to learn about his powers at a young age? Imagine what it was like for Martha Kent, caring for a son with abilities beyond what any mother expects. Yet despite all the superhero parents out there, it’s a story rarely covered in comics today. Thankfully Dennis Liu and Jason Piperberg are tackling it head-on with Raising Dion, an independent comic about motherhood while raising the most powerful being on Earth.

Raising Dion follows Nicole, an ordinary woman whose seven-year old Dion turns invisible, moves objects with his mind, and generates plasma from his fingertips. What’s more, Dion is growing more powerful every day, making it difficult to maintain discipline or teach responsible use of his powers. But the real challenge arrives when mysterious agents start stalking Dion, forcing Nicole to fight for the only family she has left.

“No one’s ever done a comic book story from the parent’s point of view,” Liu told The Escapist, “the parents all usually die!”

To promote the comic, Liu has created a live-action trailer teasing what the series has in store. Instead of jumping ahead to Dion wearing a cape (assuming he ever will), Nicole faces the challenge of keeping her son on the straight and narrow – especially when playful misbehaving leads to Dion exploring darker impulses. But the trailer’s also incredibly charming, and I suspect anyone with a soft spot for motherly love will probably enjoy what Raising Dion offers.

“There’s a lot of talk about the lack of diversity in superheroes in Marvel and DC movies,” Liu said. “So here’s an indie grassroots story that features a strong female protagonist and a diverse minority cast.”

What’s more, you can start reading the series today. Raising Dion‘s first issue can be downloaded for free, while hard copies and future issues will be released on IndyPlanet. It’s a solid opening chapter, and I for one will be very curious to see where it leads.

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