Monkey Island Man’s Pirates Tune Up Vocals For Ultimate Shanty


Just stab ’em and burn ’em and shoot ’em a bunch!

If you’ve ever been in a stage play where just about everything that could go wrong did, you have something in common with Ron Gilbert’s Scurvy Scallywags. They were about to open their off (very off) Broadway show The Voyage to Discover the Ultimate Sea Shanty but, darn the luck, sabotage is afoot! It’s your job – in costume, mind you, as you’re clearly a method pirate – to stop these sinful shenanigans and save the show, by matching as many 3’s as you can as quickly as you can, as this video will show you. If you should encounter sea monsters and other terrors, stab ’em and burn ’em and shoot ’em a bunch! Then grog. Sweet, nutritious grog.

“A build has been submitted to the App Store and now we wait,” says grumpy gamer Gilbert. “And wait. And wait.” But the waiting won’t last much longer, we trust, as Gilbert – and his partner in crime, Clayton Kauzlaric aka Voodoo Vince – want to get this puzzler out on the iOS store as soon as possible. Gameplay is match 3 in its simplest form, and with each match the board shifts in the direction you swiped. Careful play can put powerful weapons and items in your hand, or avoid enemies too strong for the stab-burn-shoot strategy. You’ll be fighting through four mysterious lands to collect all the bits of your missing shanty, and save the play. Or day. Or both, who knows.

Do we know exactly when this iOS title is due? No we do not. Nor is it a certainty that this will be an Android title too, as Gilbert needs some cash before he can start re-writing everything for the Android platform. Patience, pirates; patience, and grog. Ahh, grog.

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