Monster Hunter movie poster Sony Milla Jovovich Paul W. S. Anderson Tony Jaa

There’s a Monster Hunter movie coming, and if you’re into people with complicated clothing swinging large weapons, it appears this is the movie for you. Sony dropped the first two posters for the film today featuring Milla Jovovich and Tony Jaa respectively. This is also only our second official look at the Paul W. S. Anderson film period (with a leaked trailer serving as an unofficial look).

Monster Hunter movie poster Sony Milla Jovovich Paul W. S. Anderson Monster Hunter movie poster Sony Tony Jaa Paul W. S. Anderson

The Capcom games have been some of their most popular since they launched in 2004 on the PlayStation 2 and revolve around people hunting monsters. That premise is being taken into the Monster Hunter movie, though the plot for the movie isn’t based on any one game. Milla Jovovich, who is looking for a new video game franchise to lead now that the Resident Evil films are done, plays Captain Natalie Artemis. Her UN military team is sucked into a portal that deposits them on an alien planet full of monsters, which they must hunt down in order to keep them from getting to Earth. Monster. Hunting. That’s pretty much it.

Anderson has built a career of adapting video game properties to the big screen to varying degrees of success. He wrote and/or directed every Resident Evil movie, directed the first Mortal Kombat film, and directed Event Horizon, which isn’t a video game adaptation but is really good. The guy can make some fun films and he can also make some clunkers, and these posters don’t tell us which one we’re going to get here. But at least they seem somewhat faithful to the game with their design. Plus, Tony Jaa is in it, and that guy deserves a bit more Western attention than a single villain role in Furious 7.

The ensemble also includes Clifford T.I. Harris, Jr., Ron Perlman, Diego Boneta, and Meagan Good. The Monster Hunter movie will release on Sept. 4.

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