Monte Cook Wants To Make A Numenera Comic Series

Numenera Core Rulebook Cover

Monte Cook has promised that if Numenera‘s latest Kickstarter campaign beats the original, he’ll create an ongoing comic series for its universe.

Numenera is quickly proving itself to be a massive success in every medium. The original RPG raised enough money for Monte Cook to start a games company. Its video game spin-off broke every crowdfunding record that existed. There’s even an impressive-looking Numenera short film underway with promising special effects. And now if Numenera‘s “Into the Ninth World” Kickstarter surpasses the original, Monte Cook will try expanding into another field: Comic books.

“I’ve been joking around with the rest of the team that if we have a Numenera Kickstarter campaign that exceeds the $517,255 we raised to fund Numenera, we’d do something equally special,” Cook wrote on a Kickstarter backer update. “Now, I’m not saying this is at all likely. I’ll be honest-it is not. So this isn’t really a stretch goal. But it is a promise: If we reach $517,256, there will be an ongoing Numenera comic book.”

Numenera takes place on the Ninth World, in a distant future where multiple civilizations have come and gone. Its characters are heroes and relic hunters who seek lost cities and mysterious technologies, some of which are so advanced they’re practically magical. That’s a setting ripe for exploration as an ongoing comic book, especially now that Numenera is expanding its scope to other parallel dimensions with “Into the Ninth World”.

That being said, the chances of “Into the Ninth World” reaching that goal is low – the campaign currently sits at $330,000 with barely a day remaining. But Kickstarter campaigns have pulled off some surprises before, and it certainly doesn’t rule out a new crowdfunding initiative for Numenera comics.

“I’m a huge comics fan,” Cook continues. “I love the comic book medium, and I have read comics for more than 35 years. Like with the movie, I don’t know how we’d do this. (Although unlike with the movie, I do have some experience writing comics.) But frankly, that was the inspiring part of the Numenera short film goal. It pushed us beyond what we would normally try. So I thought I’d just throw this out there. Not really a stretch goal, but a pledge.”

An ongoing Numenera comic book is certainly ambitious, and perhaps a graphic novel would be more reasonable at first. But given how Numenera projects keep surprising everyone – including their creators – maybe we’ll hear more about it in the near future. Would you be interested in reading the comic book exploits of Numenera characters?

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