Monty Python To Celebrate 40th Birthday With Mini-Games?


What’s the best way to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the most influential comedy troupe of all time? If you said “gimmicky mini-games,” you’re sadly correct.

PPC Enterprises, the licensing firm who holds the rights to Python, has begun shopping the IP around with the express purpose of turning the group’s madcap hijinks into a collection of “digital mini-games,” according to MCV.

One can be forgiven for automatically assuming any such collection would be a cheap cash-in designed to suck money from fans who still revere Python. Games based on the group’s films and comedy bits have been released before, and without exception have all been terrible at best.

What makes this even more worrying is that Python’s fortieth anniversary is this year. Even if PPC was able to strike a deal to have these mini-games made right this very second, that would leave almost no time to craft a compelling game. The best they, and Python’s fans, can hope for is a bunch of sound clips and Terry Gilliam animations spliced together and regurgitated onto the bargain bins.

Sadly, that would still probably sell well enough to justify the expense.


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