Moral Kombat Documentary On Game Violence Comes to Hulu


If you haven’t seen Moral Kombat, Spencer Halpin’s documentary about the debate surrounding violent videogames, now’s your chance to do so for free.

Violent videogames are still a pretty hot topic, and it’s difficult to remain objective on the subject. Spencer Halpin, brother to the ECA’s Hal Halpin, created the documentary Moral Kombat to examine the entire debate without taking sides. If you haven’t watched it yet, the movie is now available to watch for free (with commercial interruptions, of course) on Hulu.

Halpin’s film is just as relevant as it was when it was first released in 2007, especially since the Supreme Court is going to be reviewing a controversial California law that was designed to ban violent games from being sold to kids. The 85-minute documentary manages to not take sides and provides a fairly even-handed look at the debate.

Back in January, Moral Kombat was made available for free on Babelgum, but that offer was only good for a month. I really recommend watching this film if you’re at all interested in violent videogame debate, no matter which side of the fence you sit on.

Source: Hulu

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