Mordhau teaser Castello patch update Triternion

One of the biggest updates to Triternion’s multiplayer hack-and-slash game Mordhau so far will add a new map, Castello, alongside a host of other new content.

Castello will center around a vast island fortress, with a new teaser video hinting at a balance between open and tight environments with considerable verticality. The other headline feature of the patch will be an expansion of the existing Mountain Peak map, enabling players to travel beyond the castle gates while playing the Invasion game mode.

The update will also introduce a bundle of new character customization options. Those new items will run the gamut from armor types to axe and cleaver-styled weapons to purely cosmetic headwear add-ons.

The trailer below includes a more comprehensive list and a first look at those items.

As might be expected, the patch will also include bug fixes and general gameplay tweaks, but specific details of those are not available at the current time. No time frame has been given for the new patch, with the developers promising only that it will be available soon. Previous updates have tended to run on a monthly schedule, though the latest arrived in early January.

The Triternion development team has worked to ensure players have a positive experience with Mordhau after toxic behaviors plagued the early days of the game’s availability.

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