These amazing shots of real-life magic don’t use any special effects.

Morrigan was a great character in Dragon Age: Origins. The mage and her mother Flemeth enter the story early and – if you don’t piss her off – Morrigan would stay with your main character until the bitter end. I personally never used her in the party because I played an offensive mage and didn’t have a use for her but I always enjoyed speaking to her in camp. (Cue Barry White music.) Although I missed Morrigan in DA2, I am now assuaged by some awesome cosplay photographs made by Kira Winter, a Ukrainian living in China.

Winter has been wearing costumes and taking pictures for more than 10 years. She usually specializes in anime characters – living in China must be convenient for that, check out her tumblr if you’re interested – but she took some extra time to photograph her friend The Kirana portraying my favorite female mage, Morrigan.

The water effects were a nice touch and it took me a few moments to figure out that Winter must have used exploding water balloons to achieve the effect. That’s a pretty neat idea, and I liked that she didn’t use PhotoShop to do it.

I’m not sure that the shots are one hundred percent accurate (the bathing suit top doesn’t really match) and Morrigan was more of a shape-changer than a controller of water, but I loved the shots all the same. I included a screenshot of Morrigan from BioWare so all you nitpickers could pick out the nits.

For me, I’ll just enjoy the pretty pictures. And hey, if you’re thristy for more DA:O cosplay, this Leliana is pretty sweet too.

Source: Deviant Art

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