Mortal Kombat Goes Preschool in Babality Montage


There’s nothing more satisfying than beating an opponent in a fight and turning him into a baby.

Mortal Kombat has always been a violent series of games, and NetherRealm’s newly released reboot is no different. Players can dismember their opponents to their heart’s content as blood sprays everywhere in gruesome detail. Who cares about that though when it also allows you to turn your opponent into a baby?

That’s right, the babality is back, an alternate finishing move first seen in Mortal Kombat II. In NetherRealm’s Mortal Kombat, the move is better than ever.

GameTrailers put together a montage of Mortal Kombat‘s babalities, which now feature funny animations. Shang Tsung tries to steal the soul of his teddy bear, Reptile turns into an egg, Raiden scares himself with his own lightning, and Jade’s own bladed boomerang turns around and knocks her right in the head. Baby Kratos (PS3 version only) probably has the best, ripping the head off of his Medusa doll, while Sub Zero gets the reward for most silly. You’ll see what I mean.

For some reason, watching these violent combatants turned into babies is vastly entertaining. I wonder if Mortal Kombat has animalities this year too? If you’ve had your fill of babalities, you could also watch this fatality montage, but it’s not as cute.

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