Mortal Kombat Web Series To Launch Next Week

Great news forMortal Kombat fans: The new Web series is going to start up next Tuesday.

Ever since Kevin Tancharoen’s crazy Mortal Kombat movie short appeared on the Web, everyone’s been clamoring to know when we’d get to see more. Well, good news: the new Web series is set to debut in six days, on April 12th.

After a ton of news about the series, including set photos and casting news being released by involved parties, things have been relatively quiet for the past month or so. However, a new report is now claiming that the series will launch a week before the new Mortal Kombat game hits store shelves.

This timing makes a lot of sense: Warner Bros. wants to build up as much goodwill towards the franchise before the game actually releases. Honestly, the series hasn’t really been all that amazing in recent years, though a particular low point (for me, at least) was Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. As a result, re-branding the series for a game that effectively reboots the entire franchise mythology doesn’t seem like a bad move.

Of course, there’s still little actual information about the show itself. The series will feature Tancharoen’s gritty style mixed with the fantasy elements of the game universe itself. That said, it sounds like we’ll all get the opportunity to enjoy the series come 4PM next Tuesday.

Source: Screen Rant

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