Mother Finds Pro-Islam Message In DS Game


“Islam is the light.” That’s what Rachel Jones claims she heard come out of her daughter’s copy of Baby Pals for the DS.

“We were sitting in the kitchen, and she was playing it,” Jones explained. “All of a sudden she looked at me, and I looked at her and she said, ‘Mom, I think my baby said something.’ And so I played it back, and it says ‘Islam is the light.'”

The game, which is essentially another baby/pet-sim a la Imagine Babyz and the like, allegedly plays the clip when you’re bathing your virtual infant. Most other times, according to Indiana news station WTNH, your baby will just make regular baby noises. When it’s in the tub, though, it will repeatedly say what sounds like “Islam is the light.”

Jones, who bought the game for her 8-year-old daughter as a reward for good grades, would know the clip when she heard it, as she claims this isn’t the first time this has happened to her. A Mattel doll she bought for her 4-year-old said the exact same thing, she says. Jones is “angry that this is the second toy she’s had to take from her children,” reports WTNH. “Not just my daughter’s toys, but we have a son, too,” she said. “Now I feel like I need to listen to all of his little toys to make sure they’re not saying it.”

When pressed for a response, Nintendo denied any responsibility, saying that developer Crave Games was solely responsible for the game’s content, pro-Islam or not.

So, is this the story of a crazy mom or pro-Islam propaganda? Head here to listen to the clip yourself – it’s not totally clear, but it does sound a bit like the kid’s saying “Islam is the light.” Or just “ista boo a loo.” Up to you to decide.

[Via GameCulture]

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