As videogame partnerships go, I suppose this one makes as much sense as any other: Entropia Universe developer Mindark has joined with Lemmy Kilmister and Motorhead to launch Motorhead Stadium and Lemmy’s Castle, which will include Lemmy’s own “private virtual army.”

Part of the CryEngine 2-powered graphical update to Entropia Universe, Motorhead Stadium is billed as the world’s first virtual rock arena, allowing fans of the band to listen to exclusive pre-recorded and live broadcast music, while visitors to Lemmy’s Castle will be able to battle the Guardians, virtual defenders who will sometimes drop “rare and valuable” Motorhead Armor Parts. Players who collect a full set of Motorhead Armor will be granted access to the castle’s inner sanctum, where they will become eligible to join Lemmy’s private army.

Members of Lemmy’s army will have access to special privileges, including a private chat channel where Lemmy himself will sometimes make appearances as well as the chance to take part in special quests and contests to win real and virtual Motorhead merchandise. “The Motorhead Stadium and Lemmy’s Castle will add great diversity to Entropia Universe when we launch the upgraded version of Entropia Universe using CryEngine 2,” said Mindark Business Development Director David Simmonds.

Motorhead formed in 1975 and is still rocking out today, although Lemmy himself has been the band’s only constant member. While never achieving true mainstream success, the group has carved a unique and enduring niche for itself in rock and roll history, with a cult following as loud, tough and ugly as Lemmy himself. As someone who’s seen the band live, I will confirm that Motorhead can in fact kill people with its music, but if you’re rock enough to take that risk you can pre-register for Motorhead’s virtual assault at or No sleep ’til Entropia!

Source: Kotaku

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