A year after announcing Mount & Blade II TaleWorlds has released a new gallery of images from the game.

Mount & Blade, even after its Warband expansion, had its rough edges. Even so, it was nonetheless an addictive experience that enamored thousands of players with its mechanics of medieval conquest. You can perhaps understand, in turn, how exciting it was for these fans when, a year ago, the game’s developers at TaleWorlds announced Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord with a brief teaser and promises of “highly requested new features.”

In the time since, there’s been little word on the game’s progress. That said, Mount & Blade fans can now get their first glimpse of the game thanks to a batch of new screenshots released by the studio. The gallery, consisting of a dozen images, shows off a variety of environments ranging from arid deserts, green villages and medieval cities. The visuals, not surprisingly, look better than in the original Mount & Blade. Likewise, while it’s somewhat hard to tell from static screenshots, the villages and cities arguably look a tad more expansive than they were in the first game. It’s worth noting, of course, that the screenshots are all branded with a “work in progress” stamp. In other words, what we’re looking at right now might be different from the finished product.

Personally, it’d be hard for me to accurately quantify how excited I am for Mount & Blade II. The first game is one of my favorites from the past few years and the prospect of an expanded and better looking take on its experience is one that has me primed and ready to reach for my wallet. What do you think? Did you enjoy Mount & Blade And if you did, do these screens do a good job selling the game?

Source: TaleWorlds via Games.On.Net

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