Studios behind such titles as Six Flags Fun Park are suing Brash Entertainment for unpaid development dues.

7 Studios and Slovenian studio Zootfly are both suing Brash Entertainment for avoiding paying the companies for their completed projects. Zootfly, which finished a game based on the Fox television show Prison Break, is seeking $748,000 while 7 Studios is asking for $581,000 for Six Flags Fun Park and 9, a game complimenting the upcoming Tim Burton film of the same name.

Although none of the parties involved would comment directly on the case, 7 Studios Chief Executive Officer Lewis Peterson commented on the release of the Six Flags title, “I honestly believe it would have been the best game Brash had produced,” which isn’t a bold claim considering Brash’s best work during its life was probably the critically crushed Jumper.

Reports reveal that Brash stopped paying many of its development partners months before its collapse, so expect the short-lived publishing house to get pounded by lawsuits for months to come.

Source: Variety

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