A new teaser video gives the the game away – literally – on Activision’s “Murder Your Maker” site.

The mystery surrounding a new project from Activision that the publisher planned to reveal at the Spike Videogame Awards has just gotten a whole lot less mysterious, as an update to the Murder Your Maker site has seemingly confirmed the rumors that the game is Prototype 2.

Activision updated the site with a five-second video teaser. The video welcomes you to “NYZ,” or “New York Zero,” before referring to infections, conspiracies and top-secret military operations – all of which were prominent parts of the first Prototype. If that’s all the video had contained, then there might still be a little mystery about the whole thing, but unfortunately not everyone at Activision got the memo about being subtle. Interspersed between these tantalizing snippets about bio-disasters and redacted reports, Activision has included footage from the original Prototype, making about it about as obvious as possible what game it was teasing, without just coming out and saying it.

If the game is indeed Prototype 2, it’s reasonable to assume that the message, “Murder Your Maker,” refers to Alex Mercer’s efforts to track down and kill the people responsible for the Blackwatch virus that he was infected with. As was suggested when the site first appeared, the teaser image – which showed a map surrounded by notes, newspaper clippings and other paraphernalia – looked like an attempt to find someone, and it could be those people are the scientists and military officials behind the experiments.

It’s still possible that this is some kind of fake-out, designed to make us think that it’s Prototype 2, when it’s actually a completely different game, but with less than a week before the big reveal at the Spike VGAs, it doesn’t seem all that likely. The official confirmation – one way or the other – comes on December 11th.

Source: 1up

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