Retailer Game Crazy and Weekly Reader Reseach have found that 90 percent of “tweens” and teens ask for videogames for Christmas.

Based on an online survey of kids age eight through 17, Game Crazy discovered that this holiday’s stores will be running low on copies of Guitar Hero World Tour, Rock Band II, Mario Kart and Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party II, the four most sought after games this holiday.

The music genre is attracting children of both genders in overwhelming numbers. Between the two competing band games, Guitar Hero received more votes, perhaps due to the brand’s name power.

Mario Kart‘s appearance on the list is likely thanks, at least in part to its youthful appeal, Mario’s popularity and the high number of Wii owners in the surveyed demographic. The Nintendo Wii was predominant system owned by boys and girls of nearly all ages tested, often with over 50 percent of children having the system. Boys ages eight to ten were an anomaly, owning Nintendo DS (58 percent), PlayStation 2 (56 percent) and the Gameboy Advance (51 percent).

Game Crazy surveyed 965 respondents, 488 boys and 477 girls. Despite the high chance these children will ask mommy and daddy to purchase Dance Dance Revolution, most likely it won’t actually be at a Game Crazy store, since the company has been undergoing bankruptcy proceedings for the past year.

Source: Gamasutra

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