MW2 Stimulus Package Maps get Preview Footage


Want to get a sneak preview of the new Modern Warfare 2 maps you’ll be shooting up when the “Stimulus Package” hits on March 30th? Sure you do.

Now, I haven’t actually played Modern Warfare 2 – I know, this makes me like one of twenty-three people on the entire planet or something – but I know that there are quite a few people out there who have, and who are still playing and enjoying the multiplayer quite a bit. So, for all of you out there waiting for the “Stimulus Package” map pack that hits as DLC on March 30th, have a video to tide you over.

There are five maps coming as a part of the Stimulus Package, two of which are fan favorites from the first Modern Warfare (“Crash” and “Overgrown”). The other three, however, are brand-new, and those three are the focus of the video.

“Bailout” is a larger map set in an apartment complex, with fighting taking place both at close quarters inside the buildings and at longer distances outside. “Salvage” is set in a bleak snow-covered junkyard, with narrow alleyways and paths resulting in surprises around every other corner, and “Storm” has outdoor combat with a central focal point in a large warehouse.

Don’t play the game, but it still looks cool. It’ll run you $15 when it comes out, but if you’re a big enough fan, it might be worth it.

(Via VG247)

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