An evolving teaser site points at an August 27 announcement.

A countdown page has materialized on the Japanese Square Enix site, hinting at an announcement of some kind next Monday, August 27. All signs, from the content to the URL, suggest that we will be hearing something to do with the company’s DS RPG The World Ends With You very shortly.

There’s not much on the page itself, save for the countdown timer itself and a piece of looping background music, as well as the vague silhouette of what appears to be the Shibuya cityscape in the background. Also at the bottom of the page is a number entitled “BGM ver.”, with the current date noted as a version number. The page looks set to evolve gradually as time goes on, as setting the date forward day by day on your system clock illuminates the cityscape ever so slightly further. Each day will add to the background music little by little, too, unearthing extra instruments and vocal sections. What starts out as a simple drum loop ends as a full remix of part of the original game’s soundtrack.

The end of the page’s URL, /subaseka/, is an abbreviation of the game’s Japanese title Subarashiki Kono Sekai, and the countdown font is highly reminiscent of that used in the game, so it’s pretty clear that this all has something to do with The World Ends With You, but the real question here is “what”. As is usual with countdown pages like this, there’s currently no answer to that at all. Could it hint towards a sequel to Square Enix’s DS RPG, or perhaps a port to another console? We’ll just have to wait until the timer runs dry on August 27 to find out for sure.

Source: Joystiq

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