Mythos Developers’ Note #001: Getting Started


When you start Mythos for the first time you will be in a small town in Greenreach, which has recently come under attack by the local beasts, who have suddenly and mysteriously become very aggressive. You’ll find that the residents of Greenreach are either fighting with these beasts or have already lost their lives during one of the countless attacks on the town. Your first mission is to let people in other towns know about the beasts’ attacks and ask for help. You also need to discover the reason why the beasts suddenly became so brutal.

Among the various missions that you receive in Greenreach, the most important one you need to accomplish is meeting with the Beast God in order to gain insight as to why the local creatures have become so ferocious. However, along the way you will come in contact with a variety of locations to explore and characters to meet, all of which will lead you on incredible adventures throughout the many different parts of the Land of Uld.


You will soon find that you’re able to explore new area and dungeons by travelling through what are known as, “Rune Gates.” Rune Gates are used to travel to new locations by resonating Runes you purchase from Rune merchants. Even the Rune merchants do not know where you will end up by travelling through these Rune Gates. The balance of all dimensions is broken from the impact of a chaotic state, which you will learn about as you explore the deep secrets of the Land of Uld.

Without giving too much of the story away, let’s discuss Rune Gates. Dungeons of Rune Gates can be divided into two different types – normal dungeons and heroic dungeons. Normal dungeons are easy for anyone to explore; you will be able to acquire standard treasures in normal dungeons. However, you may need to risk your life in order to fully explore heroic dungeons. They are very difficult with incredibly powerful monsters waiting to destroy you. Expect to have some close calls in the heroic dungeons!
While you experience dungeons, quests, and adventures in new areas through these Rune Gates, you’ll also be introduces to the art of, “crafting.” Through crafting, anyone can produce unique items.


The most important part in crafting is the “item destroy/create hammer.” This hammer works as a functional tool; you can use it to destroy any unwanted items in order to acquire new materials. Getting the hammer is very simple – all you need to do is find a Cyclops known as “the best artisan” in the Production Guild. He will request a very simple mission and you will receive the hammer once you accomplish it. Since all quests related to item production will give you an additional item production point, you should definitely complete them. Each and every item production point is very important!!
Occasionally, you will receive a message saying that you have accomplished certain achievements. Mythos features an achievement system very similar to those that you may already be acquainted with. Anything you do, such as killing zombies, defeating beasts attacking towns, or creating various items, will be included as your achievements. In other word, every action you take will be registered as an achievement.

You will not be able to see your achievements in the beginning of the game. But before long, you will notice that you are completing your achievements one by one as you continue to play. Among these achievements, there are some specific ones that can be used as player titles – some are fascinating while others are very comical. I expect you to create unique titles of your own.

Rune Gates, item crafting and achievements are only a few of Mythos’ features that you’ll be introduced to at the early stages of the game. Stay tuned for further diary entries discussing these features in more detail, as well as delving into more advanced features and content.

WarCry thanks Redbana for their contributions to inform players and fans about Mythos. Look for more Mythos diaries in the very near future!

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