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Mythos Developer Diary #5: Greenreach


Mythos Dev Diary 005: Greenreach

Today we’re looking into Greenreach in more detail. As you may remember from the first diary entry, Greenreach is the small town where you will start your Mythos journey. Greenreach used to be the most peaceful place in Uld, but danger and darkness has recently begun to invade the quite village.


Greenreach is in the grasslands located near Stone Hill, the city of Civilized Races. Goblins from mountains or Bloodbristle Heath have been attacking residents in Greenreach from time to time, but comparatively speaking, the residents have lived in peace.

Most of the area is very lush, filled with trees, hills, and plains full of rocks. Beasts and undeads lurk outside of the roads and villages, but for ages they did not threaten the residents of Greenreach.


Then suddenly one day, everything changed. The beasts began brutally attacking the townsfolk. The dead were transformed into zombies. Residents began trembling in fear and many left Greenreach to find safer places. Many people decided to move closer to Stonehill Grove, where they could make their living in the street street market protected by guards.

Meanwhile, terrifying things kept happening Greenreach. The residents started asking visiting adventurers for help with any potentially dangerous tasks. Even now, Greenreach is not a place for the faint of heart. Many of the residents, such as scholars, guards, and prophets, often ask the adventurers to do tasks for them so they can study and better understand the phenomena behind these mysterious events and potentially resolve their cause.


Greenreach is a place for new players to prepare for their upcoming journeys. While in Greenreach, you learn how to combat others, handle Discordia in caves or basement storages, as well as other various skills that are necessary to survive. The adventurers will also learn how to collect materials, interact with merchants, perform and complete various quests, earn rewards from the quests. The adventurers will start out by meeting Ferus, who will tell his story about the beast attacks.

Below is a sneak peak at some of the boss level monsters can appear anywhere in Greenreach. We won’t spill out their exact location; that’s your job to find and defeat them! These monsters are level 17, and they may be extremely difficult for you to hunt alone. I recommend bringing a trustworthy friend with you. Be extra careful, as these monsters sometimes appear in low level areas.

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