Mythos Developer Diary #002: Sanderson, the Fallen Kingdom


This is the second entry in Redbana’s ongoing Mythos developer diary here on Here you’ll find updates on the development of Mythos, as well as insight into new features, characters and places within the game.

For today’s diary we’ll tell you a bit about the Fallen Kingdom and show you some never-before-seen screenshots.

The Fallen Kingdom is a ruin where a large kingdom called Sanderson once stood hundreds of years ago. To the naked eye it would seem to be filled with destroyed buildings and debris, but it is actually a rich epicenter of ancient culture and history. In The Fallen Kingdom there lie ancient records and relics, sealed under dust and debris deposited over hundreds of years. Excavation teams are always present in the Fallen Kingdom, searching for hidden mysteries and providing a friendly point of contact for adventurers seeking their own fortunes. The Fallen Kingdom is a great place for players to go on quests in order to discover and acquire ancient relics and prepare for other adventures throughout the land of Uld.


A traveler pauses at the bridge of entry to The Fallen Kingdom


Players will find ancient structures scattered throughout The Fallen Kingdom


Underground passageways lead to deep mysteries and rare items


The ruins of an ancient kingdom, Sanderson


Be careful not to get lost in The Fallen Kingdom’s labrynth of caves and passages

That’s all for this diary, stay tuned for our next entry, which will be posted soon!

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