Mythos Is Still Alive, Under “Reconstruction”


Mythos, a Diablo-esque MMOG that was seemingly lost in the fall of Flagship Studios, has been revived by publisher Hanbitsoft is currently under reconstruction.

When the good ship Flagship Studios went under last year, some mourned the loss of the tragically fated Hellgate London. Others were more distraught over the loss of Mythos, a sort of lighthearted mini-Diablo MMOG that some Flagshippers had whipped up. Well, just as they did with Hellgate, Korean publisher HanbitSoft is planning on reviving Mythos, and currently has the title in development.

“Many gamers have been worrying and wondering about Mythos, but they don’t have to worry now,” Yoora Kim on HanbitSoft said. “We are doing our best to develop the game globally popular.”

With the majority of Mythos‘ staff now working at the Seattle-based Runic Games, HanbitSoft has T3 Entertainment and Redbana, their US studio, working on the Mythos revival. “Right now, Mythos is in good condition where it’s being reconstructed to become more suitable as online game,” a developer going by “Alboos” reported. “We are trying to keep the strengths that the game used to have, and make them even stronger, while eliminating its weaknesses.”

Hellgate: London still doesn’t seem like it will be making its way back to the West because of licensing issues with Namco Bandai, but HanbiSoft’s commitment to making Mythos “globally popular” bodes well for the game finding an audience here. Hopefully they won’t change the game too drastically – last I tried it during the beta, it was one of the best and most ambitious Diablo clones I’d ever tried.

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