N30N City Rumble Kickstarter Brings Beat-Em-Ups to Tabletops


N30N City Rumble wants to render the 90s-style brawler as a card game, with a print-and-play alpha edition already available.

Bringing popular video games to tabletop settings is pretty big at the moment, but there are quite a few genres board and card game fans would love to explore. Enter N30N City Rumble, a 2-player card game entering its final week on Kickstarter. Inspired by gaming classics like Double Dragon, Streets of Rage, and River City Ransom, N30N City Rumble‘s core set will feature up to twenty characters pummeling the snot out of each other in a 1990s-inspired dystopian setting.

In a N30N City Rumble match each players chooses five fighters, and pits them against their opponent until only one side remains standing. BRAWL cards, featuring abilities like “Uppercut”, “Sweep” or “Parry”, are laid face-down in front of corresponding fighters to be flipped simultaneously. Players can also lay down N30N cards to supercharge abilities, but these can also be used to cancel an opposing N30N effects. Combined, N30N City Rumble should become appealing chaotic, with strategically timed blows, blocks, and supermoves dealt across the table every single turn.

Perhaps the most appealing part is that you can play before the Kickstarter has even finished. A prototype edition of the game is available in a print-and-play format, while Ramsey of Radio Multiverse has presented a method of playing with Google Hangouts. The purpose of this specific Kickstarter is to flesh out N30N City Rumble as a finished box set, tossing in various addons along the way. The current list of stretch goals include additional fighters, custom dice, and even final boss expansions, with more to be revealed.

N30N City Rumble‘s still has a ways to go, as it needs to raise another $4500 in the next 7 days. That said, it wouldn’t be the first crowdfunding project to achieve a last-minute breakthrough, and if it does, I’ll be very excited to check out the finished version.

Source: Kickstarter

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