Naked Thor: Love and Thunder trailer

Women are thirsty for Thor. Some men are thirsty for Thor. If you want to make a crowd-pleasing Thor movie, it should have a lot of Thor in it. Director Taika Waititi evidently understands this to its fullest degree, because the second Thor: Love and Thunder trailer has straight-up naked Thor, complete with comical digitized censorship and women literally fainting at the sight of his lower regions. You could never, ever get away with this with the new Mighty Thor, Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), but for Chris Hemsworth, naked is fine.

However, there is more to the new, official Thor: Love and Thunder trailer than nudity. There is also our first look at Christian Bale as Gorr the God Butcher, a man whose mission is perhaps unsurprisingly to kill the gods. Bale exudes creepiness in this role and looks great in his ghostly white makeup. Meanwhile, Portman herself is looking great as a confident Mighty Thor, and she seems to be having some fun chemistry with Hemsworth as they maybe possibly rekindle their romance. All in all, the whole trailer is pretty promising.

Thor: Love and Thunder is arriving in theaters on July 8 with naked Thor, diesel Natalie Portman, and scary Christian Bale. And really, I think that sentence sells the whole movie.

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