Namco/Capcom Crossover Confirmed at Comic-Con

Remember those rumors about a pair of fighting games from Namco and Capcom? Turns out they’re completely true.

Capcom has caught the crossover bug it seems, as not only is it working on a new Marvel vs. Capcom game, it’s also partnered with Namco to create a pair of Street Fighter/Tekken crossover games, just like the rumors suggested earlier in the week. Capcom will work on Street Fighter X Tekken, which will play like a Street Fighter game, and Namco will make Tekken X Street Fighter which – as you’ve probably already guessed – will be more like a Tekken game. It’s not the full Namco/Capcom crossover that the rumors suggested, but it’s not unusual for Capcom to start relatively small, and then widen the net for future games. For example, Street Fighter vs. X-Men led to the Marvel vs. Capcom games, and there’s no reason the same thing won’t apply here.

The announcement came as Tekken producers “crashed” the Capcom Comic-Con panel, handing out copies of Tekken 6 to the crowd, and proceeding to trash talk Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono like he was a professional wrestler. Details are obviously very thin on the ground, but the short amount of gameplay footage shown – which is from Street Fighter X Tekken – seemed to suggest that there would be some kind of tag team functionality, as Ryu and Chun-Li took on Kazuya and Nina, with Chun-Li and Nina providing assistance in their partners ultra combos.

It’s going to be really interesting to see how the two games translate to the different play style of the other and how characters designed to fight in 2D will be tweaked for 3D and vice versa. It’s very early days, so there’s no release date just yet.

Source: 1up

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