Firefly actor Nathan Fillion has seen an early version of Halo: Reach, and says it was awesome enough to convince him to enter the voice actor’s studio again, should Bungie wish it.

What we learn in the above video from MTV Multiplayer:

1.) Nathan Fillion went to Bungie and saw “fun time,” which in the context in the video apparently refers to part of the process of making Halo: Reach – he “watched them build it.”

2.) Bungie knows that Fillion is “in, for whatever they’ve got going on.”

3.) There’s something going on between Fillion and Bungie staff composer Marty O’Donnell, seriously. Flirting? Third dates? Ah Nathan, you’re breaking the heart of every nerd from here to Tokyo.

In any case, Fillion’s voice work as ODST protagonist Buck is one of the things that even its detractors can’t really complain about, so I’d be surprised if people greeted this news with dismay. More Nathan Fillion? How can anybody say no to that?

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