National Geographic Unearths Steve Jobs’ Lost Time Capsule


Diggers managed to discover Lisa’s mouse and a six pack of beer. Score!

Way back in the mists of time – that’s 1983, for you lot out there too young to remember it first hand – Steve Jobs buried his mouse in a time capsule out in Aspen, as part of the Aspen International Design Conference. It was supposed to be opened in the year 2000, but thanks to redevelopment works the organizers lost track of it. So the Steve Jobs capsule, as it came to be known, remained hidden away until National Geographic’s Diggers finally managed to dig it up again.

The lost mouse comes from Jobs’ proto-Macintosh, the Lisa, which Jobs claimed he named after his daughter Lisa Nicole Brennan. The computer cost more than $50 million to develop, but was a commercial failure and was soon dropped from Apple’s lineup.

The one-button mouse in the capsule is the same one that Jobs used back in 1983, as part of his presentation to the conference. After he finished his speech, he unplugged the mouse from the computer he’d been using and put it in the 15 foot long tube. Also found inside this blast from the past: a Rubik’s cube, a Moody Blues eight-track and a six pack of beer. 1983; a time of wonderment.

Diggers, featuring the discovery in all its glory, will air February 25th.

Source: Business Insider

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