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Unknown Worlds has handed the keys for Natural Selection 2 over to the community, so it can focus on the upcoming Subnautica.

Unknown Worlds has done a tremendous job with post-launch support of Natural Selection 2, releasing several free major content patches that most other companies would charge anywhere from $10-$20 for. Unfortunately, its a pretty small team, and with development of the Subnautica, its upcoming open-world underwater exploration and construction game, it simply doesn’t have the time to keep up with NS2 updates.

However, rather than simply allow the game to fade into obscurity, Unknown Worlds has handed over the keys to a community dev team — referring to themselves as NS2CDT — consisting of 14 Natural Selection 2 players from around the world.

“It means that now with Unknown World’s blessing, we as a community can forge patch 266. We can hopefully start to incorporate the best the community has to offer, such as bug fixes and popular features…with many more ideas for the future!” announced an NS2CDT dev in a forum post.

“For the everyday player, they can now rest easy knowing that NS2‘s future developments will be in the trusted hands of a team of experienced NS2 players just like them, who only wish to see NS2 become bigger and better than ever before! There is potential for greatness, but we will have many hurdles to overcome along the way. While these things take time to implement and grow, we plan on being very open with what we are actively working on. Afterall, it is by the community, for the community!”

In this world of developers and publishers keeping their games under such tight lock-and-key, with user-made mods and maps slowly becoming a thing of the past, it’s refreshing to see a developer being so open with its product.

Source: AusGamers

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