Need Better Loot In Injustice 2? Here Are The Best Ways To Earn Mother Boxes


Earn all the best Epic Gear in Injustice 2 with all the tips we’ve picked up so far to make earning Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Mother Boxes easier.

Mother Boxes are the loot crates of Injustice 2, and the best types available are Golds, Platinums, and Diamonds. No matter what, you’ll have to work to get these valuable rewards, but there are ways to make earning them possible, even if you’re not a master at the game. All of these methods can be done without an Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus subscription, but you will need an internet connection.

Diamond and Platinum Mother Boxes, technically, aren’t actually a lot better than Gold. You’ll get more items, sure, but there’s nothing completely exclusive inside these boxes. It’s also worth noting that Guild Mother Boxes are always better than their offline equivalents — they always drop more items and more Epics.

How To Get Mother Boxes | Diamond, Platinum & Gold Guide

The rarest Mother Boxes in Injustice 2 are Platinum and Diamond level, and they’re almost impossible to get if you’re a normal player.

You can’t buy them, but you can earn them. Normally, there are three common methods.

  • Common (And Difficult) Ways To Earn Platinum & Diamond Boxes
    • Complete the Survival Combat Simulator — High Victory levels will earn Platinum or Diamond.
    • Complete Weekly Challenges for the Guild.
    • Dish out high damage levels versus Guild Event Bosses.

All three methods are time-consuming, hard, and (usually) not worth the effort. Unless you’re a great player, these are especially difficult.

Instead of doing that, let’s look at the best (and easiest) ways to earn Diamond or Platinum Mother Boxes.

Best Ways To Get Diamond / Platinum

Most Diamond and Platinum Mother Boxes will come from the Multiverse. Check the new Events daily to see which give the best rewards — often, there’s a weekly or monthly challenge that gives x2 Platinum Mother Boxes, or a Diamond Mother Box.

These usually require a specific character used at Level 20. You’ll need a full suite of Epic Gear, but many of these challenges are very beatable if you’re experienced.

Also, check for bonus Boss Events that appear almost every day. These challenge planets involve a single Boss Event, and completing the Objective (Always just defeating the boss, that’s it.) will reward you with a free Diamond or Platinum Mother Box. Keep 75,000-150,000 credits handy at all times, as you’ll usually have to pay-in to attempt to defeat these bosses.

Always check your completed events. After completing an event, a new reward will appear — rarely, after finishing an event, you’ll get a Platinum reward roll for finishing it again.

  • NOTE: Don’t forget! Always check online when new characters are unveiled and released, or check when Netherrealm is running special events. New, exclusive gear events will almost always include a Platinum Diamond Box for completing three objectives.

Finally, you’ll want to log in and check multiple times a day during holidays. For instance, on Memorial Day (2017), there were multiple easy events with Platinum or Diamond Box rewards, basically giving the Platinum or Diamond Boxes away for participating. During holiday weekends, you’ll see multiple of these types of events pop, so wait for the timer to run out and see what other events are available.

Best Ways to Get Gold

Gold Mother Boxes are much, much easier to earn. The best (and simplest) way to get them is by finishing Multiverse events. Make sure you only complete Multiverse events that you haven’t already completed once before, and always check Objectives. If you can complete Objectives, you’ll often get x3 Gold Boxes as a bonus.

When completing Multiverse events, try to use at least one Super Move on every opponent. If you can connect Super Moves on most of your opponents, you’re guaranteed enough points for a bonus Gold Mother Box.

If you’re running around with millions of credits, spend them in the Brother Eye Vault. Gold Mother Boxes cost 25,000 credits, which is a pittance in the grand scheme of Injustice 2.

Finally, use the AI Battle Simulator to earn 5 extra Gold Mother Boxes per day. Target lower-level opponents — either refresh, or back out and re-enter to repopulate the list. Even if you lose, you’ll still get Bronze Mother Boxes for your trouble.

Got your own nefarious Mother Box tips and tricks? Drop us a comment and let us know what works best for you!

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