Have you been falsely imprisoned for a crime you didn’t commit? Time for a race!

Need For Speed Rivals looks like a pretty fun game, but why stop at making a fun game when you can blow God alone knows how many millions on a Need For Speed movie too? After all, when you’ve been falsely imprisoned for a crime you didn’t commit, and your rival went off down the track like a jackrabbit when your buddy’s car crashed, there’s only one logical thing to do when you get out of jail: spend a ridiculous amount of cash on a custom car, to beat your rival in one big cross country race. That, or take up knitting.

Yes, that is Michael Keaton as Monarch, and here’s hoping he gets to chew on the scenery at least once. Aaron Paul, aka Breaking Bad‘s Jesse Pinkman, is the lead, as vengeance-obsessed Tobey Marshall. Paul did a lot of the stunt driving himself, at former stuntman turned director Scott Waugh’s insistence, but there were some things he just couldn’t do. “I actually asked if I could do it, but they were like, ‘You’re out of your mind!,'” Paul said in an interview. “Obviously, they weren’t going to be like, ‘So, what we want you to do is drive about 100 mph down the freeway, go up the ramp, and then fly over cars of traffic.’ They didn’t want me to do that.”

Disney has this scheduled for a March 14th, 2014 release.

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