Need Neuromods In Prey? Here’s How To Cheat Up An Endless Supply


Don’t feel like scrounging Neuromods the legit way in Prey [2017]? With the right fabrication plan, you can break the entire game and unlock an endless supply of Neuromods, making it easy to fully level up.

This is just an extension to the already-known crafting glitch, but we think this might be the best possible use. All it takes is a bit of work, and you can supply yourself with enough materials to max-out your skills and abilities very early in the game. That makes exploration so, so much easier.

Check out the glitchy, cheaty strategy below and become god-like before you even leave the first area of the game.

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How To Craft Unlimited Neuromods | Infinite Glitch Guide

To begin glitching and earning an infinite amount of Neuromods, you’ll first need to get the Neuromod Fabrication Plans.

  • Neuromod Fabrication Plan Location: Found in the Fabrication area in Neuromod Division. Take the keycard from a corpse on the Level 1 floor of the Fabrication area to find this plan in Halden Graves’s office.
    • Enter Fabrication through a Leverage 1 blocked door in the Volunteer Quarters. Access the Volunteer Quarters with the keycode taken from Bianca Goodwin’s emails in the Executive Offices area of Talos 1 Lobby.

Before we begin crafting, you’ll (probably) also need to remove the “Copy Protection” on the Neuromod Fabrication Plans. Simply access Halden Graves’ computer and remove the copy protection from his office.

To craft Neuromods, you’ll need (3) Exotic Materials, (2) Synthetic Materials, (2) Mineral Materials, and (1) Organic Material.

Once you’ve got all that done, we can begin manufacturing an endless supply of Neuromods. It’s super easy.

Step-by-Step – Unlimited Neuromods Glitch

Start by finding an area with a Recycler and a Fabricator. Morgan Yu’s office is a good place to start.

Place all of your materials into the Recycler and SPLIT them into as many stacks as you can. Split one stack into four stacks for each type, then recycle. You’ll get double the materials you put into the machine.

Repeat this process as often as you like until you’ve got a heap of awesome materials to work with. Now that you’re loaded up, it’s time to start creating Neuromods.

Go to the Fabricator and simply start producing. Make sure to keep enough materials so you can duplicate more — don’t spend too much, or you may have to recollect! Just go back to the Recycler and dupe more materials as needed.

Presto! You’ve got an infinite supply of neuromods. Pretty nifty, huh? Now you can unlock every door with hacking, leverage, or just improve your firearms skill. Anything you want to unlock can be done right at the start of the story.

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