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Nemesis: Distress Is A Multiplayer Horror Game Based on the Nemesis Board Game

Nemesis: Distress Ovid Works Awaken Realms Kickstarter Nemesis Lockdown board game

A new multiplayer horror game has been announced called Nemesis: Distress. This game is based on the Nemesis board game from Awaken Realms. Ovid Works, a studio based in Warsaw, is handling the development.

As revealed by IGN, Nemesis: Distress takes place on a ship with a deadly alien species appropriately called Intruders having already infiltrated the inside.

Each player will receive an objective that is unknown to the rest of the participants, such as safely guiding the ship to Mars, destroying enemy nests, or simply just killing other players during the game’s 40-minute matches. The tension builds up as players are hesitant about whom to trust.

Players will also need to select from a variety of different asymmetric character classes, complete with special abilities to help them out. Additionally, players can get in the way of one another’s objectives by setting rooms on fire, closing doors in front of them, and spreading misinformation. One thing is constant, however. Intruders will evolve over the course of the match and hunt down players in order to take over the ship.

Nemesis: Distress is currently available to wishlist on Steam. Awaken Realms says that those who supported the full Nemesis board game on Kickstarter will receive Nemesis: Distress for free. Meanwhile, pledging to the Kickstarter campaign for the standalone expansion of the board game, called Nemesis Lockdown, will allow backers to purchase Distress at a reduced price of $15.

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