Did you get your hands on an NES Classic? If not, you may be waiting quite a while…

The NES Classic Edition was a great idea for all the nostalgia-ridden Nintendo fans. 30 classic NES games crammed into a cute little retro emulator box with a replica NES controller. At just $60, it’s a perfect little holiday gift for anyone with a soft spot for Nintendo. If you can get your hands on it, that is. Due to being heavily under-stocked, the NES Classic is sold out pretty much everywhere, with no guarantee on whether or not re-stock will occur before Christmas.

Amazon orders for the console sold out minutes after they opened at 2PM PT today, with the website stressing that “we have very limited quantities of this item.” However, it also added that “we will be receiving additional quantities over the coming weeks” and it would notify customers when new stock arrives.

Meanwhile, for some bizarre reason, Nintendo did not make the NES Classic available for pre-order. So, many eager fans who rushed out to retail stores like GameSpot or Target found themselves out of luck, as just like with Amazon, the console sold out faster than you can say “Balloon Fight”!

So what can you do if you want a NES Classic for Christmas? Well, Best Buy hasn’t started selling it yet. It hasn’t said specifically when it will start selling it, but if you keep an eye on its website you may be able to get the jump on it.

Otherwise, your only option is to go with one of the many eBay scalpers that inevitably pop up whenever something like this happens.

It seems like Nintendo didn’t learn anything from the whole amiibo situation at all.

Source: Polygon

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