NES Controller Coffee Table Conceals Working Console

It’s one thing to have a table that looks like a NES controller, but it’s quite another to have a table that is a NES controller.

A trio of Belgian men have built what they call the “10up Deluxe NES Mod,” which for all intents and purposes, is a giant replica of a NES controller. The controller – which doubles as a coffee table – is ten times the size of a regular NES controller, and is actually capable of playing games.

According to its official blog, the project got started after a conversation between two of the men about recreating a NES controller coffee table they’d seen on YouTube. It didn’t take long for one of them to suggest that they should take it a step further and make something more than just a table. Using a combination of springs, switches, and circuit boards, the trio not only made a working pad, but also built a NES console into it, making it a convenient, although super-sized, one-piece system.

The trio went to painstaking lengths to make the table look and feel as much like an original NES controller as possible too, carving the manufacturing info from the back of the pad into the underside of the table, and coating the wood to make it feel like plastic. The work was so good, it caught the attention of French director Rémy Bezançon, who used it in his upcoming movie Un Heureux Évènement, or A Blessed Event.

If you want the table for your very own, it’s going up for sale on Ebay on December 14th in a ten-day auction. Besides the table itself, whoever buys it will get a copy of Super Mario Bros., two standard NES controllers that plug into ports on the side of the table, and a console repair kit. There’s no information on how much the starting bid will be, but considering how much work went into getting it just right – not to mention its movie pedigree – you’re probably looking at least a hundred bucks, and quite likely even more.

Source: Gizmodo

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