The popular TV streaming service is set to undo the “huge mistake” made by Fox when they cancelled the show back in 2006.

If you haven’t seen Mitchell Hurwitz’s Arrested Development, don’t worry, I’m not mad. I’m just… disappointed. The American sitcom was so cleverly written, broke so much new ground, and had such a cult following that its character’s catch-phrases have achieved an almost “Monty Python-level” of repetition. But of course, Fox could never see it for its true brilliance, deciding to unceremoniously give it the ax back in 2006 in favor of CSI: This Time Its In a Different State. Thankfully, Netflix announced last year that it would be bringing back the show for a fourth and final season, giving one of the funniest things to ever grace my television set the closure it truly deserves.

Nexflix has now debuted a teaser trailer for the fourth season of Arrested Development, showing off some of the things we can look forward to in the upcoming season. It is, of course, set to the music of Europe’s “The Final Countdown.” George-Michael and Maeby rooming together in College, Michael making a “new start”, in Phoenix, G.O.B looking for a job where “his incompetence won’t be out of place,” and Buster encrusting his claw with diamonds are just a few of the shenanigans we can expect to see in the new season.

Each episode in the fourth season will focus on a different member of the Bluth family, and will do a recap of what that member has been up to in since the conclusion of the third series. All of the main cast will return and several actors who had recurring roles in the original series are scheduled to reprise their roles, including Henry Winkler as Barry Zuckerkorn, Mae Whitman as Ann Veal, Scott Baio as Bob Loblaw, Judy Greer as Kitty Sanchez, and Liza Minnelli as Lucille Austero.

The Bluth Family’s exploits will debut on May 26, with all 15 episodes running 30 minutes long and being immediately available on Netflix. That’s right, you won’t have to wait an arbitrary number of weeks to get your Arrested Development fix, you can go nuts and watch all 15 new episodes all at once.

Earlier this year, series executive producer and narrator Ron Howard said that “We’re still hoping to build to a movie and in a lot of ways, getting the Bluth family on people’s radar, in a kind of contemporary way, [is] so we can move forward with it as a movie.”

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