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Dragon’s Dogma is finally out on PC with its surprising difficult still intact. If you’re ever running low on those incredibly useful health potions, need to stock up for those clumsy Pawns, or just want an easy gold source, check out our quick guide.

Dragon’s Dogma puts you in control of special NPCs called Pawns. These helpers aren’t your normal party members. Instead, these human-like creatures learn from your tactics and can join other players for even more in-game experience. As cool as that sounds, they’re still AI companions and prone to getting killed. That’s why you might want to stock up on health potions to keep the Pawns fighting.

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Easy Health Potion Farming

To earn an almost endless supply of health potions, you’ll need two ingredients; Empty Flasks and Healing Springs.

Healing Springs are unique fountains with healing water. Standing in those emerald waters will heal any wounds. And using Empty Flasks, you can gather Healing Springs water for yourself.

Giving Spring Water to Pawns is a highly effective strategy. Pawns can heal party members instantaneously, faster than the player character. Each Spring Water potion heals 330 HP per use and affects the full party.

Where to Buy Empty Flasks

Travel to the central city of Gran Soren. In the fountain square inside the castle walls, talk to the vendor at Aestella’s Shop.

Empty Flasks cost 20G each. Buy as many Flasks as you want potions.

How to Reach a Healing Spring

The easiest Healing Spring to reach early in your adventure is northwest of Gran Soren. Follow the road north across the bridge to the Old Garrison landmark.

The Healing Spring is found in the wilderness north of the Old Garrison and east of the Catacombs entrance. Simply move through the hills north of the bridge. The pond is dotted with flowing emerald water that sparkles.

There are two other Healing Springs found on the world map. One is in the far northeastern tip of the map, northwest of the Blighted Manse area.

The last is far south in the Verda Woods area. Travel west of the Eradication Site and north of the Conqueror’s Sanctuary.

Farming Healing Spring Water

Bring Empty Flasks to the Healing Spring, and you’ll be able to stock up on Spring Water potions. Follow these tips to gather more flasks faster.

  • Stand in the water and start filling flasks! Use the Pawns to help gather spring water.
  • Give up to 10 Empty Flasks to each Pawn. If you stand in the Healing Spring, Pawns will automatically use the Empty Flasks and fill them with Healing Spring water.
  • Remove the 10 Healing Spring Flasks and give your Pawns more (10) Empty Flasks.
  • Don’t give Empty Flasks to Pawns until you reach the Healing Spring. They’ll use the flasks on any oil or water they come across!
  • Place a Portcrystal at the Healing Spring to easily fast-travel to these locations.

You can also earn money by collecting Healing Spring water and selling the filled flasks. Empty Flasks only cost 20G, and Healing Spring Flasks sell for 80G.

Healing Spring water has many uses. It doesn’t just heal, it will also turn rotten meat fresh. Just combine a Spring Water item with any rotten meat to improve it.

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