New Bad Guys Turn Up In Hard Reset Extended Edition Screens


Eight new Hard Reset: Extended Edition screens promise lots more robot-shooting action, with lots of new stuff to shoot at.

The first thing you may notice about these new Hard Reset: Extended Edition screens is that a good number of them are blurry. That’s because everything that happens in Hard Reset happens fast as hell, and if you’re not wheeling around and running while you shoot at everything that moves, you’re either walking into a room where a dozen angry robots are waiting to jump you or you’ve just been killed.

The second thing you’ll notice, if you’ve played through the original game, is that the robots being shot at in these screens are different than the robots you spent all your time shooting at the first time through. That’s not a particularly impressive feat – as much as I love Hard Reset, I have to admit that the variety of enemies is not exactly thick and rich – but it’s nice to see the developers doing more for the Extended Edition than just cranking out a few cookie-cutter levels and then headed out for a few rounds of Żywiec.

The Hard Reset Extended Edition, in case you missed it, is the upcoming retail re-release of Hard Reset, last year’s over-the-top, endearingly incoherent FPS from Polish developer Flying Wild Hog. [“Polish FPS studio” should tell you all you need to know.] The new edition will contain four new enemies, five new levels worth about three hours of gameplay, two new “survival mode” levels and updates to the already-impressive visuals. More “back-story elements” are also apparently in store, presumably intended to help the story make a little more sense, but I have a hard time believing that will happen, or is even possible.

The Hard Reset Extended Edition is currently slated to come out in March, exclusively for the PC.

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