Catch a glimpse of the darker side of Columbia.

The March 26, 2013 release date of BioShock Infinite is fast approaching, and developer Irrational is further teasing fans with another look at the game’s dark and mysterious storyline. The trailer – titled “Lamb of Columbia” – shows off a great deal more action than most of the trailers before it, and also offers a glimpse into parts of Columbia that we haven’t yet seen.

One of the more interesting vistas shown off in the new video is what appears to be a testing lab, complete with creepy experimentation equipment and, of course, giant bolts of electricity. We also get a new glimpse at the robotic Songbird in action as it deftly maneuvers about the floating platforms of Columbia.

A bit of story teasing also occurs, with lead man Booker DeWitt referencing a “deal” with Zachary Comstock, the apparent vilain and self-proclaimed prophet of the city. Oh, and there’s a massive, Wizard of Oz-esque tornado, too.

Having played the first few hours of the game for our own hands-on preview, I can safely say that just about everything shown in this particular trailer is brand new to my eyes. If you’re hungry for some additional BioShock Infinite content, check out our aforementioned preview as well as our interview with BioShock Infinite writer Drew Holmes.

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